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International glass conference

Release time:2016-05-05 17:39

  April 8 - 12 days, the 24th International Congress on glass held in Shanghai Pudong Lujiazui International Conference Center, from 33 countries more than 800 representatives to participate in the general assembly, to exchange the latest research results, studies the world glass development trend.
  International Congress on glass international glass industry "Olympic", this conference organized by the International Association of glass and Ceramic Society Chinese. The International Glass Association was founded in September 1933, currently has 33 members, China joined the organization in 1982. The association is held once a year in the International Glass Association annual meeting, held every 3 years the International Congress on glass. Sponsored by the International Glass Association and the China Institute of ceramics, this is the second time after a lapse of 21 years in China, but also for the development of China's glass industry is highly recognized and fully affirmed.
  At the meeting, in recognition of China and even the world glass technology made outstanding contributions by the International Glass Association all voted, Peng Shou was awarded the International Glass Association President lifetime achievement award". In recent years, China glass industry in scientific and technological innovation, structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading made great progress, in float glass, photovoltaic glass, and other fields has been leading in the world, in the information display, and other aspects of the special glass has reached the world advanced level, narrowing of the gap with the developed countries, internationally recognized, especially in Bengbu successfully realize the industrialization of production of 0.2 mm ultra-thin glass and lead the world's attention.
  Chinese glass technology to thin, functional and material basis of development. China is beginning 45 years, rare opportunity, restricting glass industry development of material industry to seize the and advanced experts and scholars the opportunity to communicate and learn from them, mastery.
  Peng Shou suggested that the glass industry Chinese needs stronger, a new high technology products, the formation of a number of independent intellectual property rights. Colleagues in the world in order to recognize the achievements China has made in the glass industry, let China's advanced technology to output, so Shou Peng proposed cross-border, cross domain, cross industry cooperation, hoping to such cooperation to promote the development of glass industry, confirm and expand the international status of China lead the type.
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