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Shahe glass development plan in 2016

Release time:2016-05-05 17:39

  (1) the development of Shahe glass:
  Shahe municipal government in the transformation and development phase of the glass industry to optimize and upgrade the industrial development as the first project".
  1, to promote the industrialization of information technology and industrial high degree of integration
  First, the development and utilization of network, digital, intelligent and other technologies to promote the depth of industrialization and information integration, and promote the manufacturing sector to accelerate the implementation of digital, networking and intelligent. Two is the implementation of the "Internet plus" development strategy, drive production management mode reform, promote the transformation and upgrading. Three is the extensive application of the Internet, through large-scale collaborative production, triggering a change in the way of resource allocation, the release of a large number of resources inside and outside the enterprise innovation potential. Four is to accelerate the transformation and upgrading from manufacturing to wisdom made in technology, standards, policies and other aspects of the Internet and made in China fully docking and depth integration.
  2, the implementation of the "The Belt and Road strategic initiatives, to extend the industrial chain, turning left for the advantage of production capacity
  Vigorously implement the strategy of "The Belt and Road, encourage healthy competition in the market, the introduction of new products and new technology, technological progress and industrial upgrading and promote domestic manufacturing industry. And actively guide the enterprises the implementation of "going out" development strategy, through foreign direct investment, mergers and acquisitions, construction of overseas capital platform "going out", to extend the industrial chain, reduce the cost of development, turned the excess capacity for productivity advantages.
  3, the implementation of the supply chain integration, closed loop management
  On the one hand, it is necessary to optimize the existing industrial structure, with the establishment of the industry development trend of the industrial structure, in the value chain to seize the high technology and high added value production links, strengthen the technical content of industrial advantages, to upgrade the advantage industry structure itself. On the other hand, to make use of the Internet platform, from accept orders, for CO production, procurement of raw materials, product design, making production planning and to put into production, the link is through the network connected together, each other communicate with each other, forming integrated, closed loop management mode.
  (two), the specific implementation measures:
  1, government guidance, market players. Play the role of government guidance and service innovation and entrepreneurship, the introduction of government + enterprise model operators. Strengthen the effective interaction with universities, research institutes and enterprises, attract social capital and other elements to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship. Once again through the market mechanism, professional services, capitalization approach, network support, integrated applications and international links, improve service quality and level, to build a sustainable business development model.
  2, providing five special services: first, to provide creative design services. Creative design is the soul of the manufacturing industry, the use of Internet technology to integrate the world's creative elements, to create the industry's design Silicon Valley". Two is to provide technical innovation services. Strengthen comprehensive docking and university science and Technology Park, universities, scientific research institutes and third party technology services and provide inspection, R & D, design, pilot test, technology transfer, such as the transformation of social and professional services for enterprises, improve the technical support service capabilities. Three is to strengthen financial services. Use of Internet banking, equity and other ways to raise public financing, strengthen cooperation with angel investors, venture capital institutions, improve the investment and financing model. Four is the link of international innovation resources. The integration and utilization of the global innovation and entrepreneurial resources, extensive exchanges and cooperation with overseas capital, talent, technology projects and incubator. Five is to carry out training innovation activities. To carry out all kinds of innovation and entrepreneurship training, to carry out investment roadshow, publicity and promotion and other activities, to carry out all kinds of public lecture and innovative salon, entrepreneurship training camp and other activities.
  3, build a platform: building glass industry platform ecosystem. Do fine, do fine, do deep industry marketing links. Two establish core strengths, expand the platform. Glass and glass products, production, research and development, sales and distribution center, in the promotion of the Internet, the platform will be bigger and bigger. Three is to derive more services, build ecological circle. With industry marketing as the center, derivative finance, factoring, logistics, taxation, insurance, warehousing and many other services, increase business dependence, build glass industry platform ecosystem.
  4, integrated logistics: logistics and derivative data is an integral part of the Internet business process. Shahe City, fast glass logistics as an example: first, the integration of the glass industry and the surrounding logistics resources; two is the innovation of the logistics industry business model, to speed up the logistics of the internet. Three is based on the construction of logistics information, data resource interaction and platform, remote storage, supply chain finance and other industries to upgrade resources. On the basis of the layout of the glass O2O line development model. Development of domestic remote storage. Realization of online shopping, online ordering, the next line of the nearest warehouse delivery O2P marketing model. Develop overseas warehousing, expand marketing channels, conducive to product innovation and development of foreign capital and foreign capital.
  5, the financial supply chain management, the realization of industrial capital operation: Shahe City glass industry with complete upstream and downstream supply chain, with glass manufacturing enterprises as the core, upstream raw material supply model of maturity, downstream of glass deep processing is a high degree of correlation, implementation of the "1 + n" model of supply chain finance to penetrate into the whole industry, through should be accounts receivable pledge, pledge of stock rights by means of closed funds flow or control the property, on the upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain provides comprehensive financial services, so as to activate the industry capital operation. One is to advocate the implementation of integrated supply chain management: the enterprise as a whole and the nodes of the business as a whole business process, the formation of integration