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A quarter of Low-E hollow glass market is not good

Release time:2016-05-05 17:40

  A quarter GDP growth of 7%, a six year low, the downward pressure on the economy is still large, the total demand is less than supply. March Low-E hollow glass industry to enter the traditional peak season of consumption, but this year the "gold" insufficient purity, on the one hand, inventory pressure is still unabated, since the first quarter, affected by such factors as the Spring Festival, inventory decreased slowly, in March because of the influence of the rainy season, the market turnover volume is small, enterprise orders is not as in previous years. However, with the implementation of environmental law, to a certain extent, to reduce production capacity of repeated production, ease the pressure of supply and demand, the latter part of the stock or will enter the obvious downward channel.
  On the other hand needs to start slowly, the glass industry's largest downstream of the real estate market in first quarter performance was not significantly warmer, a quarter of the growth rate of investment in real estate development below 10%, to a six-year low, the fourteenth consecutive slowdown, a quarter of the housing construction area of 6.8% growth, the growth rate than in January and February down 0.8 percentage points.
  Commercial housing inventory pressure is still severe, at the end of March, commodity house for sale area of 64998 million square meters, more than the end of February increased 10.76 million square meters, commercial housing investment and construction area of growth of continued to drop, also affect the production of flat glass.
  Economic growth in China and other main targets remain in reasonable range, the Chinese economy is facing more and more downward pressure to increase efforts to control the orientation, the need to increase efforts to control the orientation, hold steady growth, security of employment, promote reform of basic disk.
  In terms of policy is expected to steady growth in the latter part of the intensity will increase, the real estate market in the provident fund of the new deal, reduce two suites Shoufu ratio policy stimulus, is expected to gradually pick up, demand for glass will produce a stimulating.